Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Queen of Hearts

One of the downsides to having your little ones grow up is that dress up days and the need for costumes are few and far between. But when the opportunity arises, you grab it and run with it with enthusiasm!

So here is how it went:
"Mum, I need a costume. We have to dress in a royal theme..."
"Right, so what do you want to go as?"
"I don't know."

I made some suggestions. All met with a wrinkled up nose and a head shake. "How about you offer some suggestions?" Shrugs of the shoulders - and then a "I guess I'll have to go as a Disney Princess." said in the tone of "I guess I may as well get beheaded."

Beheaded... hmmm..... "What about the Queen of Hearts?" I say. She smiles. She gets excited. I would say that is a yes. 

But a traditional Queen of Hearts costume would have taken me FOREVER. So I made one that had a more modern take on it. Rocker/Emo + Queen of Hearts. I think she rocks it!

Her favourite part of this costume is that it made her look fat - and her rear end was HUGE!  "It's more traditional - after all the Victorians stuffed their bustles with feathers and all sorts of stuff so that their bottoms would look big!" *Secretly proud that she knows this. 

"Someone's head is going to roll...."


This project was inspired by this pin 

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