Sunday, June 29, 2014

I will win! I own you!

Like thousands of other people - I bought an overlocker and quickly grew frustrated with it because it wouldn't work!! I did everything in the manual! It STILL was making me not think very devotional thoughts about it.

This weekend I NEEDED it to work. I needed to whip up some summer clothes for my eldest girl who is growing so fast I can't keep up with her. We are heading to the tropics for a holiday and it being winter, there are no summer clothes around. So it's up to me.

I sat down, faced my arch nemesis, pointed at it and said - "I will conquer you!"

See it trembling with fear at my authoritarian manner? No.. that's because it was staring back at me with attitude and a "Oh really??" like all touchy overlockers do.

I loaded up a series that I pinned a while back - a relationship rescue for overlockers. I swear if it wasn't going to work for me this week, I was going to chuck it in the bin. I was over it! 

Turns out that it wasn't the overlocker with the issues. After some guidance on understanding the sensitive needs of the machine, she purrs like a kitten and she is working for me. 


AJ said...

I love mine....until I have to re-thread it!

Skipper said...

HAHA!! It's a bit of a love/hate relationship isn't it?