Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh what a feeling!

I have never ever had a brand new sewing machine before. I've had three machines... but they were never mine from the very beginning. I had Janome Memory Craft - who passed away a few months ago at the ripe old age of 35 years. Then I had a Pfaff - which had a broken bobbin mechanism and would cost so much to get the part replaced - so we just didn't bother. She was in her late 20's.
Then I had just a plain ol Janome - who clunks along. She is nearly 20 years old. She's still going mind you and I am not giving her away until she gives up the ghost. She will be on hand for when one of my girls want a machine to learn on, or if I need a second machine for whatever reason. So these are the machines I have had... until now.

I need a machine that is more capable of quilting stuff. It's not exactly a hobby that I've gotten sick of over time. I'm planning on doing this until I die, or my arms fall off... I read reviews online and ummed and ahhed about it. I dreamed of the REAL quilting machines, but knew that isn't possible for us until the kids leave home. 

On Sunday my husband took off with my Spotlight $40 off if you spend $100 voucher and came back with a brand new machine. A Toyota Quiltmaster. It was half price in Spotlight - and then we got an extra $40 off that half price. NOT BAD I SAY!!!  Yes my hubby rocks! I guess we figured this one will tide me over until I can afford that 3 grand one when we retire! LOL. What's the occassion? Only that it was Awesome Wife Day. I know... I'll keep him. 

I've not had much time to play with this baby yet, but so far so good. It has all the attachments a quilter could want (darning, walking, 1/4" foot etc) and it runs so quietly compared to my clunker before her. My only humph is that it doesn't have a thread cutter. WHAT modern machine doesn't have one of those??? So I have to use my scissors when I want to cut thread. But I can live with that. Especially as this machien is sooooo pretty! And brand spanking new!! :D

I have a quilt basted and ready to go. I will give her a good go then. But for now I have a secret squirrel project that I need to wrap up - THEN I will have a good play. More about that later.....

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