Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Joining in with Little White Dove's WIP Wednesday.....

Almost a week ago I mentioned I was starting a hexi quilt with scraps. I've cut about half the pile of scraps I set aside, which was good. I decided to look up the tutorial I found on Pinterest and learned how to put together the hexagons. So I've only done two... but it's a start. This week has not given me any creative room because of the sheer amount of stuff I've had to do. Now that Masterchef has started and more and more of cool winter time TV shows are on, I will be able to get on with some handwork and progress from two hexis to 2000!

Are you going to join in?


Little White Dove said...

two THOUSAND? Holy moly woman, you don't do anything by halves!

AJ said...

I love my hexies! These 2 look good...can't wait to see more.