Friday, May 2, 2014

From "I must do that one day" to actually doing it!

For ages now I have been looking at hexagon quilt with admiration and wishfulness. They look kinda cool plus they are a very portable project. Winter is settling in and with it brings in new TV series that I actually want to watch. I like doing handwork while watching TV and hexis are a perfect little thing to do in front of the TV. So I overcame my fear of paper piecing and began to watch tutes on how to whip up these babies!

I am on a self imposed spending ban. I am not buying any fabric that I don't absolutely HAVE to buy and instead using what I have or completing other projects. So I nipped into the garage and bought out a large shopping bag of scraps. I tipped them out onto my craft room floor and began to pull out larger pieces of scraps. I felt a surge of satisfaction. I have SO many scraps and leftovers from other projects and I have been pinning on Pinterest scrap quilt ideas and patterns. I am FINALLY getting around to using them!  

Then while I was watching a movie or listening to my uni lectures, I began to cut out hexis. In what seemed like no time I had a pile like this!

Not a bad start! My aim is to use as much of the scrap pile as possible and then I will begin piecing them together. 

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