Monday, January 13, 2014


**Again excuse the dodgy photos, but my eldest does not like having photos taken and nor will she willingly cooperate and sit still for me.

I saw this project on Pinterest and thought, "I might make that one day". But after recent growth spurts and after buying her a whole summer wardrobe in a size 10 - that she promptly outgrew in 2 months, we have had to scramble and get her a few new things. But we can't afford to buy her a full wardrobe again, so we bought her a few things to tide her over, and I need to sew up some bits to make up the rest.
I thought the style looked very retro and she loves it! Although she panicked a bit when she needed to go to the toilet. LOL All good... she made it!

So hopefully she will be able to wear it over this summer and not grow out of it in a month!! 

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