Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time to get cozy! {Advent Blog-Along #3}

Every year I give a handmade gift to the kid's teachers. I figure they have my kids part time and so they deserve a gift to acknowledge their importance in our kid's lives. Unfortunately my kids are not "easy" - I have two kids on the spectrum which means it's not smooth sailing for the teachers. They also have to tolerate me coming in and at times being a bit of a Mumzilla while I advocate and try and work things out with them.

This is part one of the teacher's presents: MUG COZIES!!!!

 photo 04FB0592-28ED-445B-87FE-CD86302B4128_zpsvtxfai67.jpg

 photo 8656D795-C6BF-47B6-BF2F-7E9F0FC750B4_zpsxzxhhpdv.jpg

 photo 2792703D-AAFA-4363-91DD-3CF72890EB53_zpsgrerflmk.jpg

 photo 85E42666-2866-4ACF-ADE4-D93BC0FA88E1_zpsqt4e3zhh.jpg

More to follow.....

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