Sunday, July 7, 2013

A quilt for Grace

I have a friend that I have remained firm friends with since I was 4 years old. We catch up as much as we can and she doesn't even live in my city. Last week she had a beautiful baby girl - Grace.  Yesterday I was rummaging through my fabric cupboard and found a quilt that I have almost finished - but not quite. It was made for a baby girl in mind. All it needed was the binding to be sewn down and the edges to be ragged up. I found the tutorial from Pinterest and it was so incredibly easy to whip up from start to finish.

 photo null_zpsde8656be.jpg

It was nice to attack that project and have it finished later that evening. :) I like a finish! It motivates me!

I have some more baby girl themed flannel in my cupboard, ready for the next girl to be born. I wonder who of my friends will have the next baby?

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