Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's nearly EOFY - and that only means one thing..

It's nearly July. And that is when I go into full blown Christmas planning and making. I know it seems premature, but if you make lots of stuff like I do, then you HAVE to be organised earlier in the year.

I have a small list so far of the things I want to make as gifts. When July comes around, I will have a list in my side bar of my plans and my progress. For now I am trying to look on Pinterest for inspiration  and trying not to annoy anyone who follows my feed with too much Christmas stuff!

But honestly... this is how I am feeling now that Christmas planning is approaching....

Excited gif photo:  image-11.gif

Planning is half the fun I reckon!

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Car said...

I need to join you on this journey to Christmas - last year #sodisorganised