Thursday, May 30, 2013

Job Sticks

I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest and I decided to make my own version for the kid's chores. It's like a lucky dip! There are a few blanks in there which will mean that they don't have to do a job that time, or silly ones like "Give Mum a cuddle".  Then there are tasks that actually need doing around the house.

 photo null_zpsf084d899.jpg

It may also serve well for discipline. Break the rules and you get a job stick.

Either way I love the colors and the kids are pretty excited about it (for now! LOL)

 photo null_zps6bc3f33f.jpg


LittleWhiteDove said...

What kind of jobs did you put on there? I like this idea!

Skipper said...

I put in things like:
Sweep the laundry, sweep under the breakfast bar stools, dust their bedrooms, clean their bedroom windows, fold and put away 20 items of clean clothes, sweep the porch, pull up 10 weeds. Stuff like that. Things that aren't too difficult, but still gives them a sense that they are contributing to the running of the home and that the part they play is vital.