Sunday, December 16, 2012

Advent Blog Along # 16 - Progress... and a few additions

You know that list I was working on? Well I've had to add some more bits to it... no biggie. But I want to get as much of this done during the week as I can. I want to be done by the weekend, so I can start to get ready for our week away after Christmas.

Applique initials on 4 x facewashers for nieces and nephew
Applique name on towel and initial on facewasher for Cousin's little girl6 x rice hot packs
6 x felt bookmarks

3 x mug rugs - Done 1
Secret squirrel project (about 3/4's of the way through it)
Menu for Christmas Day
Decide what to bake for Christmas and Christmas gifts.

Bake: Gingerbread, White chocolate and cranberry cookies, Rocky road, Fruit mince slice

Doable? I think so.... if I stay off Facebook, stay away from my gasbagging friend, and just put my head down and hoon, I think I can!!

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