Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Blog Along # 15 - Nom nom!

Every single year, without fail, I make three things.

Rocky Road.

Fruit Mince Slice


It's my own little tradition that I love to do. I make other things around it, but these things are the things I want my kids to remember that I make. Then they can tell their children and grandchildren that Nan made Rocky Road and Gingerbread every year, and how much the smell of the gingerbread baking really made the house smell like Christmas.

So today, while the kids were out with their Daddy, Christmas shopping, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen, baking gingerbread and making rocky road. Tomorrow I plan to make the fruit mince slice along with some other delectables.


Excuse the dodgy photo, but it was put into a container very carefully (as you can see it's a tight fit) before I did the photo, so it doesn't look amazing. It will be cut open after Christmas.


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