Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project list - Art Book

I have a list. ME? A list? Don't get smart with me now.... so I like lists...

And I'm talking to myself...

Back to pretending I'm completely normal.... I have a Project List. A list of all the projects I want to do. One of the projects was to take pictures of a sample few of the kid's artwork and put it into a photobook. This way I can chuck out their creations, and not drown in it all, but yet still keep some of the better ones.

Here is a sample of what I've been doing:

ETA I deleted the examples because Photobucket is mucking up for me and not putting in the edited versions of the pages in. Thanks Car for bringing it to my attention. For personal reasons I don't want my kids names on my blog. When PBS gets their act together I will put them back up.


Car said...

What size do you print the books?
PS you didnt blot the names ;)

Skipper said...

Thanks for that Car!

These books will be 8x8 inches, and each book has 20 pages in it.