Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's a jolly 'oliday with Mary!

Last week was book week for my Milly Moo. Her kindy was invited over to the big school to join in on the parade. Milly wanted to go as Mary Poppins so I obliged. I nipped down to the local op-shop and as I began to hunt the racks for a white dress, a volunteer said "Purple tags are half price today!". I thanked her, but didn't really care too much, because I was after a particular item, not a tag. I drifted over to the formal dress rack and spied the perfect dress! It was an old wedding dress. I looked at the tag - it was purple!! I got it half price!!

So this was the dress before.

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And this was the ensemble afterwards.



Milly was absolutely thrilled with her dress, and her kindy teachers and friends oohed and ahhhed all over it. :) I think it was an all round success!

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alliecat said...

Oh My. That is PERFECT, you are quite the whiz!! Well done, she looks gorgeous, I can't believe you found exactly the right dress, never mind knew how to go about altering it like that! Well done xx