Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mummy? Can you make me something?

My littlest princess was feeling a little miffed about her older sister getting dresses and skirts made for her, and she wasn't getting anything. On a quick dash into Spotlight to get some shirring elastic, Milly asked me "Mummy? Can you please make me something?" Trouble is that this little madam has about a gazillion more dresses than she can possibly wear. She gets the hand-me downs of her two very girly cousins plus whatever Nanny, Grandma and I buy as well. Dresses and skirts she didn't need.... what could I make her? Then I had the perfect idea. Headbands!! So I've made her two... one in the same fabric as Mop's ruffled skirt and this material. She LOVES them. Mother of the year goes to.... *drumroll please*...... ME!!! :)
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