Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm thinking...

.. and this could be really dangerous!!!

Mop (DD1) found a journal of mine that I made when my son was born. It was filled with photos, journalling, hopes and dreams. I loved it!! She loved it! The thing is, I don't DO paper anymore. No paper scrapping stuff around here... well there is, but very little. I just did a massive cull of scrapping stuff and it has ended up in my kids craft box. So I'm thinking, why do all that again, when I have loads of digital scrapping stuff that could do just as well. And I'll print up my journals in little books.

I've seenCar's lovely journalling and have wanted to do something like it, to inspire my creative writing, and allow me to be creative in yet another area! Who knows? Looking back on life as it was could be awesome when I am so old my memory is shot to pieces!!

So I'm going to have a crack at that. First of all, I need to find some topics to journal about. So off I go looking around for journalling ideas to mix up with my own ideas. I am pretty excited about this.

What do you think?

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Car said...

Whats not to like about that idea! especially when you link it back to me :)

If you want some links for prompts, I have a heap I can send to you just let me know!