Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have a new creative space!

Well.... not brand spanking new... DH and I decided to consolidate the home office with my office and craft room. We reorganised the furniture (which I think is almost as good as redecorating!) We did a huge cull of old stuff and have created a functional and organised work space! We moved the computer desk in to make extra storage, which makes a big difference. I still need to sort out my fabric cupboard, but other than that, it's all very clean and tidy. I can't wait to use the space to create amazing masterpieces. One day I might be able to afford matching and modern furniture, but today this is what I have and love. I'm so grateful that I can have a permanent space right in the middle of the house.

(Excuse the dodgy mobile phone pic - but I can't be bothered getting out the camera, uploading etc!) You get the general idea anyway!


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