Tuesday, July 6, 2010

24 Weeks Until Christmas

It's 24 weeks until Christmas. Yes I know. A long way a way. But if you are like me, and have lots of crafty plans for Christmas, then it's not too early to start now.

So I am going to do a challenge. At least 1 Christmas present a week. Every Friday I need to post my completed gift. This will prove difficult as Uni. resumes again for the semester, but I think it's a good one. It means that Christmas crafting won't be crazy and stressful come Christmas time.

I'm going to open this challenge up for everyone. This is my very first one so I am a little nervous. If you want to participate - leave a link to your Blog here - and if I get no players... I'm going to look like a real dill! :P

There are no rules. Just join in, and blog on Friday your creative Christmas presents. It could be Christmas cards, gifts, decorations, baked goods... ANYTHING! We just want to see what you have made. By Christmastime, you should have made at least 24 items! :) I figure that's 24 less items to make the week before Christmas. :D



Car said...

I'm oh so tempted... but at the moment I can't seem to keep up with normal crafting - can I sit on the sidelines and be your cheerleader???

Car said...

Ok so I'm in - knew I'd fold ;) and already posted my first project... Yay!

Can I get the code to add the challenge to my sidebar???

Kylie said...

Oh - this is such a great idea - running late this week (only just saw this) but will attempt to have something done for next week - or the next LOL!