Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embroidery Finished!

A few days ago I set myself a challenge, to finish the embroidery part of Mop's quilt in 10 days. Well that was enough to get me motivated and finishing the challenge well within the time limit! It took me 7 days to get it all done - and I'm happy with how it looks.

Here are a couple of the embroidered squares I did. Since I'm fairly new at embroidery, I am very proud of my efforts.




So the next challenge was to get the applique done in 10 days. Well the applique is stuck on the quilt, it's just a matter of stitching them on. I'll need to head down to spotlight tonight to get some matching cottons so I can begin. This will take a while, since this is my 100% hand quilted piece, so I'll need to hand sew them on. Eeek... oh well. I wanted at least 1 project done completely by hand, from piecing to quilting.
So I have until the 10th of July to have this part of the challenge done. Wish me luck! :)

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Car said...

It's looking lovely Skip - love the butterfly panel :)