Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Personal challenge.

So the birthday's in my life are finished for the moment - and I have a huge chunk of time to work on the kids quilts for Christmas.

Remember this?

Mop's Quilt Top

Well I finished that quilt top just over a year ago. :( It's been put on the back burner for a while because I've been so busy with other projects and study. But now it's back on the fore-front. For the last week I've been embroidering it and I've picked the templates that I plan to applique on the top. Fusible web is sitting her nicely waiting for me to trace the shapes.

I want to give this to her for Christmas so I need to get a wriggle along.

So my challenge is. I'm giving myself a deadline.

Embroidery part of quilt: 10 days - deadline - 4th July.

Applique part of the quilt: 10 days - deadline - 14th July.

Then I will be spending a fair bit of time quilting it. I planned to hand quilt it. But I may change my mind... depending how I go with other two kids quilts I want to give them for Christmas.

So come back in 10 days time to see the sweet embroidery I've done on this quilt! :)

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