Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting with a clean slate... so to speak.

For my birthday, as part of my present, Mum gave me three medium sized storage tubs to put my crafty bits in. Today I decided that as part of Penny Pinching in 2010, I was going to need to know exactly what I have, and what I can use, and what projects I had stashed away that I had forgotten about.

So I sorted out my craft room. Rearranged it, tidied it, decluttered, tossed out crappy bits of fabric that I held on to for Justin.. (Just in case) I did a cull of things that I am not sure why I had them in the first place. I now have all my fabric neatly folded and in my craft cuboard. All my crafty bits are now in boxes and on my shelves.

I'm pleased with today's efforts. I may not have created much - except a workable and organised work-space, but I am happy with it.

PS: Isn't it rather ironic that every single area of my house is neat and orderly.... except my craft room... which seems to be chaotic at the best of times!!

Now... I reckon I'll be making myself a little quilted sign for my door... just need to think of a name for this zone. :)

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