Monday, January 4, 2010

First finished projects of the decade!!

First project is part of a birthday present for my nephew: a cape for SUPER DAVE!



(Excuse the models snotty nose - he has rotten hayfever and it just keeps coming!!!)

The nephew is significantly shorter and smaller than my boy so he will fit the cape alot better than EJ does.

Second project is a reconstruction job.

I got given this skirt.


To me it just wasn't... wearable in public. It wasn't flattering, it was wrinkly and shaped all wrong. I never wore it. It hung in my wardrobe for 12 months. Any unworn stuff of 12 months gets the ditch. But since discovering clothing reconstruction - I decided to chuck it in the "Make something else with it" pile. Today I pulled it out. Looked at the fabric.... it looked like nightwear!! So I decided to try and make Mop a nightee with it.


Mop loves it!! I had troubles getting the neckline right - and I ended up having to recut the neckline and then that meant I lost a bit of the tops of the straps - so Mop's armpits are a tad snug. I can fix all that later... she wouldn't let me have it back... she decided that she would wear it to bed... I couldn't even trim the cotton off it!! I'll have to sneak it back tomorrow and do that!


alliecat said...

Very clever use of unused clothing, I wish I was that ingenious! It looks perfect as a girls nightie, and no doesn't look like it would be flattering as a ladies skirt. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time! Great job on both counts, a cape is on my to-do list this year too. Don't know why you wouldn't wear that skirt though... J/K! I'm with Allie, doesn't look very flattering at all. Works great as a nightie though!

Skipper said...

Thankyou ladies.
Allie - trust me - it looked like a sack!! LOL

LWD - I find time by making time. I do all my work as fast as I can in the late hours of the night and first thing in the morning, so it frees me up in the afternoon to do some stuff. The nightee literally took me an hour to make. :)

bingo~bonnie said...

your little hero's cape is very cute and I'm sure he la,la,loves it!!! :) - But I think you should revisit the closure and make it Velcro - something that would break away if tugged on very hard... to prevent any choking. That string tie worries me and it could become knotted.

take a look at the cape my friend made for my children to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie