Friday, December 18, 2009

Penny Pinching begins now..

Today I went to Spotlight... and spent my last lot of money on fabric. In 2010 I will be using stash only, unless it's for the VHC quilts I am making. I will spend money on cottons and perhaps interfacing only - and spend gift vouchers if I get them.

Today I went out with a bang. I bought a few ends of rolls - 26ish meters for 13 bucks! :) I plan on trying to make myself a few bits for the old wardrobe with them. I also want to make a few things for the girls as well.

So from now on, you will see mostly bits that are from my stash. :) Shall be a good challenge I think. I shall enjoy this!

I'll give myself a new topic "Penny Pinching" and show you what I can make with my scraps and odds and ends.

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