Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the 17th????? day of Advent Blog Along my true love made for me..

I'm sorry... I'm still reeling from the fact that it's the 17th day of December. 17th of December. Where did THAT month go?? Probably whizzed by because I've been super productive.

So... today I don't have any pictures but I have been very productive I promise. I'll upload the photos tomorrow.

Today I:

1. Baked my annual gingerbread - a specialty of my Little Nan's (Great Grandmother) and I continue it on in her honor.

2. Baked more White Chocolate and Cranberry shortbread.

3. Finished binding the wall hanging - I now am attatching tabs for hanging, and will go down to Bunnings tomorrow for some Dowel.

4. Whipped up a pillow case shopping bag.

5. Made up an apron out of a pillow case.

So a very productive day all around. :)

Now I need to get on with these tabs, because tomorrow morning I am going to abandon the sewing machine and catch up on some much needed housework!

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