Friday, January 1, 2010

It was a bargain!!!

- I found Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric that they had marked down quite significantly! I ordered up big, since I shall be making a few of these quilts this year! I still have the panels and a few more yards of other fabric to go with it to buy, but I got such a great deal!

8.5 yards of VHC fabric for $51.28. Not bad! Not bad at all. I cleaned them up of their stock :)

I am waiting for a shipment to arrive in the other shop that I intend to buy the panels and other fabric from - and then I'll buy and hopefully that will be all the fabric I NEED to buy this year.

I need to have 1 VHC and another baby quilt made by late March. So I better get my skates on. I'm in the processing of designing a pattern for VHC quilt. I don't like the ones that Andover Fabrics offer.

With my gift certificate I bought a jelly roll and a dessert roll. My very first ones EVER. Here they are:

As I was spending my gift voucher in The Quilt Shoppe

I'm now on the hunt for a lovely pattern (preferably free). Any suggestions?

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