Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spring Challenge Update # 2

Well I am going along quite slowly because the last few weeks have been really tied up with wrapping up the uni year. However last night I finished my big research assignment so now I am free to sew to my hearts content and knock off a few projects!!

1. Quilt and bind baby niece quilt - "Sunshine"
----- STATUS: Quilted - just need to bind

2. Make, quilt and bind Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt.
----- STATUS: Fabric cut - considering not binding but making it a play mat.

3. Finish embroidering Mop's quilt.
---- STATUS: Did a little while I as away.

4. Make quilted angel

5. Make cloth pads
------ STATUS: made some, but got annoyed with machine. Will attempt to finish soon

6. Make pillow case apron

7. Finish niece's xmas gift

8. Get up to date in DD1's album.
------ STATUS - DONE

9. Mum's 25th WA scrapping.

10. Do photo shoot for Christmas cards.

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