Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes... it's new.

The template is I mean.

What do you think??

I have been wanting a change for a while, just been to busy and a tad too scared of HTML and all that stuff.

I'm also on the hunt for craft blogs to look at. I love craft blogs. I love to see what other people have created. So if you are a Creative Expressions reader, and you have a craft blog, please leave the link so I can have a squizzy at what YOU do. :) (unless of course your blog is listed already in the blog list.) :D

I'm planning to have a sewing evening tonight with Gail, so hopefully I'll have something to show you soon.

1 comment:

~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

LOVE the new Layout hun.. You'll have to teach me how to change the layout.. I'm sooo not up with how to do that..

Hope your bag's turning out ok.. I'm in love with mine.