Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday {March #2}

Just a quick post today....Uni kicked off with a bang and I spent a lot of this week doing study related stuff. It was a bit of a shock - and jerk back to the reality of more study - less craft. Sad, sad!! On the upside it is a reminder to make the most of the time I do get. I might have to have some social media free days again...

We also have begun the process of giving our home interior a bit of a freshen up. We are looking at replacing carpets and the starting of repainting our ensuite and bedroom. Our house is going to look like a bomb has gone off as we pull apart furniture, empty rooms, paint, varnish window sills and then put it all back again. Although I am hoping to do a cull while we are doing that. Also for our daughter's 13th birthday present, she is getting a bedroom makeover. So we will be ditching all her little girl decor and bringing in a more mature look for her teens and early adult-hood life. We have had fun looking on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Her birthday is in July, so we hope to get started on that in June sometime.

In the meantime I have been plodding along on with a few crafty things.

  • Continued on with my cross stitch.
  • Continued on piecing my apple core quilt
  • Began hand quilting my hexie quilt.

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