Friday, November 13, 2015

WIP no more!

In April 2013 I started the biggest quilt I have ever attempted. The Lonestar. And last night, I finished it!!!

The stars are hand quilted and the edges I FMQ'd. I figured I would never get it done if I was going to hand quilt the sides. This gigantic project has been taking up valuable space in my craft hub and it was time to just get the blasted thing done! Thankfully I really love the two different styled of quilting on this project and wouldn't change it for the world! I FMQ'd hearts to match the hand quilted hearts. 

The only set back to this quilt is... when I started it, we had a queen sized bed. Our last anniversary present to each other was a KING SIZE BED! So this quilt doesn't fit our bed. *sigh* Never mind. Much to the horror of my crafting friends - we have a queen sized bed in the camper trailer! 

So now I need to make another quilt for our bigger bed. Thankfully they don't get much bigger than this - so when I finally DO finish it - it will still fit it. I have the fabric to make our massive quilt - but I have a few other WIPS and scrappy projects to get going first. For now - I'm just going to enjoy this finish and admire that gorgeous fabric and pattern. 

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