Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I need a long weekend.....

The long weekend has been and gone. Hubby and I spent the whole time sorting out our garage. I tell no lie - the garage was chocka-block FULL of STUFF! Baby stuff, furniture we haven't looked at in years, recycling, tools, shed stuff etc.
(Our new shed)

We built a shed in the backyard a month or so ago ready for transferring "shed stuff" over to it. This weekend we did that. We have hired a skip and we filled it with all our garbage. We put lots of furniture and other bits and bobs that we thought were in reasonable condition on our curb. It was all taken in less than 24 hours!
(A glimpse of all the rubbish that went into the skip)

We swept out years of dust, wrecked spider's homes that look like they had been there for years, transferred stuff to the roof for storage and cleared out the garage so that we could store our camper trailer in there with our camping gear. 


(Not a wasted space anymore!)

I swear - that space was floor to ceiling FULL! Now it is home to our camping gear and camper trailer! I can't get over the feeling of accomplishment! This space has been filled with rubbish for years - and now it's much better used. Not only did we clear it out - but I helped! If any of you know what it's like to have fibromyalgia - you will know that it's really difficult to physically get into big projects like this without ending up crippled on the couch later on. I've been using essential oils to treat the pain and inflammation - and this project did not get the better of me! I worked hard with hubby and we smashed it!

But the downside to working flat out is.... I need a long weekend to recover from THIS long weekend!!

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