Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More blocks for my Granny Sampler

I'm pretty happy with these and they look good with all my other blocks. I've done 40 blocks so far! Still a way to go though!


Queenie said...

Hi Skipper - I was looking for a contact to ask a question but can't find one. The granny squares (which are awesome by the way) have reminded me that I've been looking for some information on raggy quilts. I recall you did one or two a while back. I'm keen to have a go at making one but my seamstress mother tells me that it would surely fall apart because of the fraying. I got disheartened as I don't want to spend all that time on something that will fall apart in a year or two. I wonder if you know how they fare long term? Love your creations - I always read but do so through a reader and am too lazy to click through and fill in comments. Always here reading though!

Skipper said...

Hi Queenie!
If your raggy quilt is done properly, it won't fall apart. I've had one of mine for ages now and it still sits on my lounge in one piece. It gets washed frequently and is very used and loved.


This is the quilt. It's 6 years old and I think it has many years left in it.My advice is go for it! Make that raggy quilt. If you do it correctly it will last you many years.

Thanks for the comment :) It's nice to hear from you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Awesome to know, thanks so much!