Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A book with more than 500 pages in it (Reading Challenge)

Finding a book with more than 500 pages at the library is a tough order!! I did find one in the end:
The White Princess on Goodreads

This is the review I put on Goodreads:

This is the first Philippa Gregory book I've read and I must say I'm not that impressed. I got half way through and found myself wondering if she did a copy and paste job. There is barely any plot changes and it got really boring. The main character annoyed me and her constant "I don't know" made me want to burn my eyeballs out. I ended up liking Henry, although his constant paranoia got old. I felt that the novel lacked description of the surroundings. What did the rooms look like? What did the castles look like? What was the landscape like? I think the best description we got was of Elizabeth's mother's room in the Abbey. The author had such a great opportunity to teach us about life in these times, especially when Henry was travelling around the country meeting the people. A good thing about this novel is that it has made me curious about this King Henry and I will be doing some more reading about him. There were some interesting bits and while the plot was developing, it was a good read. But once it went stagnant and nowhere - it was dull. 

Next in line: A classic Romance.

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