Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's in this bag? (15 in 15 Challenge)

So I was feeling all motivated after my first 15 in 15 finish.  So I reached into my crate and my hand plunged into a plastic bag. I yanked it out and looked at it. What is in this? I can't even remember packing it in the bag. I can't even remember seeing it before. It must have been there a VERY long time!!

A few years back I made a little boy a raggy quilt  and then put all the left over bits away for a rainy day. Well... to cut a long story short, I haven't used the left over squares at all and they were still sitting there, waiting for use. So today I pulled them out of the bag and began working on another quilt. Possibly a smaller one for a baby? We'll see... but until then... here is proof that they are out of the WIP box and are being worked on.

I'm hoping this will be finished next week and then I can wrap it in tissue paper in preparation for someone having a baby boy? I don't even have any pregnant friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi Skipper - I'm loving this blog and I'm inspired to begin attacking some unfinished projects of my own. Do you know if raggy quilts hold up well long term? My mother reckons they'd fray too much and fall apart. I'm not a quilter so thought raggy would be a good first project to use up pieces of my daughters baby clothing I've saved to do 'something' with as a keepsake. Would love to hear your thoughts :-) Sue

Skipper said...

Hi Sue! :)
In my experience, raggy quilts hold up well. I have a few of them! They get washed and chucked in the drier and used a lot. The fraying happens only on the edges where it is supposed to - but it doesn't go past the joining seam. Hopefully that helps you.

xx Skipper