Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well that was quick!

Remember that project I was doing with my orphan yarn?  Well I finished it! I must say that was a really fast project.

I will show it to you later on. That rug is designed for glamping, and since our camper trailer hasn't arrived yet, I can't show you how it looks in our new holiday home. It arrives early Feb, so in a few more weeks I can show you.

Once I finished the rug I decided to use a bit more orphan yarn for another rug. This one will go by the entrance to the annex on the camper trailer. Just some soft furnishings to make our camping a bit more posh and comfortable. Especially when we are bush camping.

(SO pretty!)

BTW, working with a 10mm hook with 6 strands of yarn is painful! It's hard work and your hands and arms have to be strong. Or I might just be a weak sook.... :P


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