Friday, January 23, 2015

Modesty aka cover them ugly knees!

Last year I bought myself a beautiful dress from overseas. I had been in love with it for ages and watched carefully for specials so I could have an excuse to buy it. That moment came and I bought it! When it arrived I was disappointed to see that it was shorter than I expected. The model was 5 foot 100 and the dress sat just above her knee. Me at 5 foot 1 - I assumed it would sit either on my knee or just below it. It didn't. I could see my ugly knees. I hate my knees.

Not to worry! I had seen someone with this same dillema on Pinterest.  They ended up making a slip to wear under their too short skirts. I don't do petticoats or slips or any other thing like that. So I attached the cute lace strip to the bottom of my dress.

The dress now sits below my knee and I feel comfortable and extremely feminine in it. I can't wait to wear it.

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