Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas isn't Christmas without our rocky road (Advent Blog Along day #22)

I've been making rocky road since Mop was a baby, and every year I make it the exact same way. When Mop was a baby she was allergic to nuts, and I hate glace cherries, so I made my own kind of nut-free/glace fruit free rocky road. 

Mop thankfully outgrew her nut allergy when she was six so I could theoretically put nuts in... but I never do. 

Each and every year the kids help me make it, get covered in chocolate and love it! Usually I do a fair bit of the preparation, but this year I noticed that my kids are growing up and I barely did anything! EJ took over the chopping with the knife, Milly cut the marshmallows with scissors and Mop melted the chocolate. All I did was pour it into the pan to set!

I hope when I am grey haired old lady that on Rocky Road making day, the family will crowd into the kitchen and help me - even with all the extras - sons and daughter in law and grandchildren. I hope they treasure this precious time together when they grow up and leave home.

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