Monday, November 24, 2014

Frozen Party? Sure... why not?

My littlest is among the millions of Frozen fans out there. She LOVES it. This year she asked for a Frozen themed birthday party. Sure.. why not?

The morning of the party arrived... and it was storming! It was supposed to be an outside party!! Common storm! Pass already! But as the morning progressed, more and more storms developed. Then we had a doozy of a storm and the call was made to move it inside.

I made up cute little party bags

The birthday girl

Anna & Elsa's Chocolate fountain was VERY popular!

We had Frozen/Snow themed food. This was just one of them.

My A-MAZE-ING husband made a snowflake shape with cupcakes. (Baked & decorated by him - I suck at baking!)

We made snowflakes out of paddle pop sticks and decorated them with glitter and gems.

We played pin the nose on Olaf. 

We also played Blindfolded Snow Shoveling - which is a hilarious game!

Here are the party girls all having a wonderful time!

My beautiful Milly with her gorgeous cake.

And this? Biggest mistake I have ever made in parties - but it was the most fun for the girls. We made snow. They played with it for ages, but it made them and all the floors in my house messy because it was tracked EVERYWHERE!!

We did other stuff, but I don't want to have a mega load of photos and bore you to tears with it. My darling girl ended the day happily and as I was tucking her in that night she sleepily said "Mum, that was the best party EVER! In the whole wide world!" That made my tired feet and crazy week worth it. I also overheard the girls tell Milly "This is the best party EVER!!!" Yep... my head is swollen. :)

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