Monday, October 20, 2014

No lecture Monday

I logged onto my uni subject today, all ready to hear this week's lecture - and there was a little note "No lecture today - use the free time to work on your group assignment." And since my partner in the assignment decided last minute to leave uni, leaving me in the lurch - I don't have a group assignment.  So what's a girl to do with all that free time?

I spent the morning cutting out and ironing on Christmas applique, ready to stitch down and quilt. By mid-morning I got really hot (It's a hot day today - mid 30's) so I switched off the iron and worked on my October Project Life and some more crochet. 

It was a lovely productive day - and the unexpected crafty time was really good fun! 


AJ said...

These look cute! What are you turning them into?

Skipper said...

I'm going to make them into a table runner. I better hop to it though! Christmas isn't far away!