Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Shoots of green

Ok so technically this isn't a craft or creative thing - but this week has been so crazy busy I haven't even picked up anything creative!! My son went on to half days because he wasn't adjusting to school life well after his holiday. Friday saw the biggest meltdown I have ever seen since diagnosis. I have been in catch up mode with uni and trying to wade through the mountain of reading.

But in all that, this morning while I was making my coffee, I glanced at my pots on the window sill to see if they needed any water. Hmm some were looking a bit dry... and then a small spot of green caught my eye! What's that??? Two little shoots of Thyme!

I was NOT expecting shoots so soon so this was such a wonderful surprise.
My youngest daughter and I spent some time in the garden on the weekend, clearing space for what will be our herb garden. These little guys will be moved out into the elements to hopefully thrive and grow and some day be part of making my food taste even MORE awesome! Operation Veggie Garden is coming along nicely!

Joining in with Little White Dove's WIP Wednesday. Common.. you know you wanna join too!

Little White Dove

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Little White Dove said...

Grow little plants, grow!