Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sunny Friday Afternoon

Yesterday I spent a lot of my afternoon in my craft room, enjoying the winter sunshine and piecing my hexies. Uni is over for the semester and I have a bit of a breather before next semester starts and life gets crazy once again. It's been an insanely busy week and so I was happy for the moment of crafty time and made the most of it.

A certain furry lady decided that my lap looked toasty warm and the pieced quilt MUST have been put there for her to curl up on. She hopped up on my lap and promptly started purring and drooling. Yes.. she dribbles when she's relaxed and happy. Not just a small amount. Great big drops of the stuff! EWWWWW!!! 

But somehow we manged to work together. She lay quietly and drooled on the arm of the chair while I pieced. She occasionally mooched my arm to let me know she was there and that she required some petting, and I got more hexies joined onto my quilt. 

It's the long weekend and I'm hoping for some large chunks of crafty time over the next few days. So I'm firing up a series that I used to watch ages ago "McLeod's Daughters" and going to get some crafty stuff done!! :D 

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