Monday, May 19, 2014

Painting tins - because I can.

I've collected a couple of tin cans. I've been meaning to use them as part of Operation Veggie Patch. It's now Autumn here down under so planting is not really happening, but there are a few seeds that can be sown. One of them is mint. Now you may be aware that mint is an aggressive herb and will take over a garden if placed in soil. It's much better suited to pots.  I'm not a huge user of mint, but when I do use it, I resent paying the $3.50 for a small bunch from the supermarket. I can have 100 plants for that kind of money!!! So I'm going to grow mint in these tins. They have cost me nothing, I painted them to look pretty from paint I already had and they will hold a small amount of potting mix. When they have grown to a decent size, I will transfer them to a larger pot. But for now - this is perfect. 

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