Sunday, April 6, 2014

The little wheelie bin

While decluttering my son's bedroom I found myself with a spare little wheelie bin. I broke the cardinal rule of "I'll keep that. It might come in handy later on." Usually I say that and then I end up tossing it two years later without touching it!

A few months later I found a good use for it! I dragged it out and then attacked it visciously with a drill! It was the first time I had handled a drill and I wasn't very co-ordinated I can tell you! It was a lot heavier than I expected (hey! I am used to a glue gun ok?) and I wasn't 100% sure how to use the thing. My husband was hovering around just in case I needed him or I drilled a hole in my hand which is TOTALLY something I would do!! I drilled lots of holes in the bottom and then a few up the sides. 

And now I have a little compost bin!! With ventilation holes! I have quite a few holes underneath to help with getting air in there.

And here we have it, starting to fill it up with scraps and our local rag. It just needs a sprinkling of dirt and then we are on our way!

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Car said...

It is BRILLIANT!!! please come back in a few months with how it is going! Im attacking our compost bin today, and the overgrown vege garden,