Thursday, April 10, 2014

BOM #1

Remember this fairy tale?  I'm finding myself back into the place of No time and I'm struggling to find time to craft. But yesterday with a sick boy at home and exhaustion just hitting me I decided that I would take some time out for ME and plug away at something fun!

So here is block number 1 from the Spotlight BOM.  I like it! 

I had to make 8 of these babies. Once I got into the swing of things they came together fairly effortlessly. Looking at the final layout of the whole quilt, these blocks join together to make a vine sort of thing. I did make a mistake with one of them and the leaf direction on one side is wrong, but you know what? It still works! So I'm leaving it. 

1 comment:

Car said...

Look forward to seeing your BOM evolve!

It also appears that My Reader is eating posts that I dont read fast enough (hence lack of comments...) still love ya though!