Friday, March 28, 2014

My DONE list

I love lists. I have made no secret about the fact I like to be organised. I like to tick things off my To-Do list and feel satisfied as I accomplish things. Last year, after a particularly rough trot my psychologist challenged me to not be held prisoner to my To-Do list. This year I noticed that I would feel a lot of frustration and discourangemnt as things off my to-do list weren't even touched because of other things that needed my attention. I felt like I wasn't getting much done and wondered where my time was going!

Then I decided to revamp my To-Do list. At the end of each day I put on my To-Do list on my computer the things that I ABSOLUTELY MUST DO. Things like appointments, wash a child's uniform or vital things like that. Then I wrote on scrap paper the day and then all the things that I have accomplished during the day. I saw things that needed doing, and I did them. 

I came away at the end of the day feeling like my day had not dissolved beneath me and there were things I HAD accomplished.  I felt happy because I was paying closer attention to what was going on around me and my home and saw things that needed doing. My focus was not on my list and what my next task was, but rather THIS is my task right now and I'm sure my next task will reveal itself to me in time. 

I have been writing my lists on scrap paper - but yesterday I found this cute journal in Lincraft for $2. SOLD! Now I have lined paper with pretty hearts inside to write my accomplishments and to actually feel good and positive at the end of the day because I did what was needed.

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