Monday, January 20, 2014

Once upon a time...

... there was a fairy princess who dreamed of doing ALLLLLL the projects. But finances were limited due to a spell being cast over her children that required them to have ALLLLLLL the therapy! This fairy princess however saw a fabric range and fell deeply in love. But to fully love the fabric range, she had to possess it and cut it up into something amazing. But what?

A few weeks later Spotlight released a BOM along with a 20% off this fabric range. The fairy princess, got into her carriage and sped down to her local spotty and grabbed ALLLL the fabric. It was hers!!! But an evil witch saw how happy she was with her beloved fabric and cast another spell on her and her family. It was called the Priorities spell. But! The evil witch thought that the evil spell was not evil enough and cast another spell called the Have-no-time-for-yourself spell.

The fairy princess was suddenly drowning in uni, appointments, school meetings and any other kind of distraction that you could think of. She gazed at her fabric with sadness - she would have to save her love for another day. So she packed it all up in a bag and popped it into her WIP box. One day she would retrieve it and cut it all up and make something beautiful with it.

As time went on, the fairy princess got so wrapped up in her own life from the effects of the evil spell that she forgot about her fabric. She forgot there was such a thing as being creative for the sake of being creative. She carried on and on until finally the spell was broken, leaving her exhausted and feeling like there was not a creative bone in her body.

Then one night, as she was going to sleep, she was trying to think of a new project to start that could be portable and she could do while camping and travelling. Then she remembered the bag, in the WIP box that had been tucked away ages ago. That was it!! She would pull out her beloved fabric once more and really go to down on it, cutting it up and sewing it together and making something beautiful for herself. Because that's what good fairy princesses do when they have been under a spell for so long. They take advantage of every moment to create something beautiful with amazing fabric while they can.

The end.

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