Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finished project = mourning period

I sometimes struggle starting new projects. Does anyone else have this problem? One project is finished and suddenly I feel really deflated and lethargic. It's like I go into a mourning period - where I am feeling so satisfied and happy with the finished project - but sad that it's all over. I don't know....

I just finished a project - and I have none that I absolutely MUST do and only things I WANT to do. I am looking at a list of projects and I'm really struggling to decide which one to start! Do I start with a quilt for our brand new king sized bed? Do I do a smaller quilt for Milly's bed? Should I focus on some digi scrapping? What should I do? And I spend more time looking at the projects I WANT to do than actually getting started on one. It's ridiculous!!

Maybe this is part of my need to rediscover myself - what do I WANT to do.... rather than what do I NEED to do. What do I WANT? And the trouble with that question is... I have no flippin idea!!

Time to decide in the time-honoured and scientific way..... close your eyes and point! LOL

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