Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new way to use shirring

Well it's new for me anyway!
I am horizontally challenged girl with vertical stunting. In other words I am a short, plus size girl. Buying clothes can be a nightmare. 3/4 pants look like 7/8's on me. Tops swim around my bust and arms, but fit well around my hips. I have found an online store that sells reasonably priced and lovely plus sized clothing, but they don't fit me perfectly. So I need to do something about that.

Take this pink tank top below. Gorgeous colour, lovely fit except around the bust where it just hangs. So I took in the sides, shirring it instead of sewing it. It makes it look really good! As if it's meant to have a slight bunch on the sides. When I sew it with normal stitching it just looks weird, because the amount I have to take in is ridiculous!

Then take this dress. My dream dress that I was watching for about 5 months and as soon as it went on sale, I snapped it up!! The trouble is that the neckline was somewhere around the middle of my stomach. That kinda doesn't work, especially if I don't want to give other people nightmares!! This was a fiddly bit to adjust. The amount I had to take up meant that the neckline looked really jagged and weird if I used a straight stitch. So in comes the shirring. It doesn't look half as bad. This photo was taken from on top of my shoulder, but if you look straight on, it looks like it was made to be this way.  

Overall I am one happy Skipper with some new clothes to add to the wardrobe now that I have taken the time to adjust them.

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