Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the 21st day of Advent Blog-Along my true love gave to me.....

1 smashed up toe
1 fractured toe
1 chipped bone
A whole heap of swelling
Bruising galore
And spread out over twoooooo toes.

Yes that's right folks. I have been given strict instructions to rest my foot after I STUPIDLY had a STUPID accident that comes at a STUPID (busy) time of year. We are also planning on going camping after Christmas which will be a bit difficult with a STUPID toe. So I am sitting on my butt willing it to heal faster.... and there is so much to be done.  I have had DH and my Mum running around after me. Tomorrow my awesome nurse SIL is bring me crutches so I can get about easier.

I'm trying not to stress about all that needs to get done... because what does that do (apart from rob me of joy of my most favourite time of year)? I will just have to gather my little Minions around me and delegate to them to do all the hard work that is remaining. On the upside it means I can devote more time to finishing my secret crochet project before Christmas!

Oh... and today is my birthday. And it will be spent... on my backside, with my feet up (just in case Mum is reading this... because she threatened me with a smack bottom if I got up for more than toilet breaks!) I think a Christmas Movie marathon is in order!!!

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