Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dishcloth Swap {Advent Blog-Along #7}

So a month or so ago it was decided that Car and I would do a Christmas dishcloth swap. We would crochet a dishcloth for each other and send it off on the same day. Friday morning I get a message on Facey telling me that her dishcloth had arrived. I may or may not have squealed! "OPEN IT" I was bouncing in my seat excitedly. A few moments later I hear a knock at the door. I was our Australia Post courier. I may or may not have pounced on her. All speculation....

So Car and I opened our pressies together.... and SQUEEEEEEE!!! Yes... we did squeal like excited girls. There in some very festive wrapping paper lay the most bright and gorgeous dishcloth (very me!) and some goat's milk soap.

I am so spoiled. You can see what I made Car HERE and her reaction to my dishcloth.  But here is what I got:

Isn't it gorg???

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