Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without an 11th hour finish {Advent Blog-Along # 24}

Here we have the final Christmas present to be made - and finished it at 9:30am on Christmas Eve. This little lady is sitting under out Christmas tree, bold as brass for my littlest Princess. Although as I have been working on her and Milly has seen her she has asked "Is that mine??" and I have lead her to believe that it's NOT for her... but for a special little girl. Why would I make Milly one? She doesn't like Lalaloopsy that much does she? "I do Mummy!!! I really do! I want a Lalaloopsy for Christmas."
I shook my head at her and kept crocheting.

Here is the finished product. 

And today is the last day of Advent Blog-Along. Thankyou for joining me and listening to me prattle about my favourite time of year. You won't hear from me until next year now. I'm off on a 10 day camping trip with some friends and hubby and kids for some much needed R & R.

I want to wish you the most happiest of Christmas and a safe and awesome New Year.

xxx Skipper

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